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By: Mary Urbina-McCarthy, Co-Founder

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3 min readJul 13, 2022 was founded with the mission to empower workers to have a voice in collective action to improve their workplace. We are proud of our mission and laser-focused on delivering best-in-class solutions for organizing workers — and the unions and worker centers that support them.

Frank for Partners directly supports the unions and worker centers who are organizing workers. Our software suite features digital tools Organizers and workers use to do the work they’re already doing, but with more efficiency and with purpose-built solutions. We aren’t disrupting labor organizing; we are building core infrastructure tools based on tried and true principles of building worker power. We are proud to count both local and national organizations among our early pilot Partners.

Frank for Workers remains active on our site, but we are prioritizing Frank for Partners. If you’re looking for a sample of what Frank can do for your organization, Frank for Workers is a good sandbox — but we recommend you reach out to us for a live product demo of Frank for Partners.

We’re thrilled to share with you more details about our newest features in Frank for Partners. We’ve developed these tools collaboratively with hundreds of Organizers and workers, years of iteration, careful study of labor’s best practices, and a network of Advisors. Take a look at some of things you can do with Frank for Partners:

  • No wait organizing: Strengthen your worker onboarding process by giving workers a dedicated, private Frank group to start organizing. Instead of asking interested workers to email, call, or fill out a lengthy contact form, they can onboard into a custom Frank group. There’s no waiting for the worker; they can get started on the tasks you want them to be focused on right away.
  • Manage groups: Easily monitor multiple organizing efforts with our dashboard that shows you key metrics, updates you on new activity, and and allows you to control settings at the group or organization level. You can easily move between groups in one platform.
  • Assign tasks: Automate your worker onboarding by assigning tasks for each new worker when they join Frank. Workers can get started putting together contact lists, mapping the workplace, reviewing educational materials, or completing other immediate tasks — both benefiting the worker while saving Organizer time.
A screenshot of the admin panel of showing task creation and set up.
Assign and automate tasks as an Organizer inside Frank.
  • Assessments: Use our assessments feature to keep tabs on the strength of your effort and your individual workers. Assessments are saved with the Organizer who scores them and the date for easy tracking over time. Assessments are private for Organizers only.
  • Custom onboarding: Frank can work with you to customize your onboarding process with customized questions and screening. You can use this feature to collect valuable data or to route workers into the right organizing campaigns.
  • Digital card collection: You can collect digital authorization cards and signatures inside Frank, using our NLRB-compliant tools. Launch card collection campaigns, track progress, and submit your signatures, supported by a legal declaration of validity from Frank’s labor counsel.
A screenshot of a digital authorization card for a union to represent a worker, inside’s software.
Collect digital signatures for authorization cards using Frank’s customizable card tool.
  • Seamless data collection: Collect and use key engagement data to make your campaigns more impactful. Keep your data at your fingertips with one of Frank’s integrations with popular labor database tools, or export at any time.

These features represent a fraction of what Frank for Partners can do for your organization. We are actively building new features every day — and our pilot partners are helping us set those priorities and develop new tools. If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can use Frank to strengthen new organizing efforts, reach out to us today for a demo.