What is Frank?

Frank is a private digital organizing platform for unions, worker centers, and labor organizations to connect with workers, build organizing efforts, and track data efficiently and effectively. We offer best-in-class tools built specifically for Organizers and Workers to map the workplace, build solidarity, chat and organize securely, and ensure the private group stays private.

Who can use Frank?

At this time, we offer two versions of Frank: Frank for Organizers and Frank for Workers.

Does Frank compete with unions?

No. We are a software provider for unions and our mission is to enable greater accessibility and efficiency to organize workplaces. We are a proud supporter of the labor movement. We are not disruptors, nor trying to invent a new (or lesser version of a) union.

Is Frank a union?

We are not a union. We’re a provider of software to labor organizations. While our mission is to help labor organizations grow, we are unable to represent or advocate directly for workers.

What is management or the Employer’s role with Frank?

None. Management is prohibited from using Frank. There is no involvement, participation, or product for management. The only involvement management may have is if workers decide to use Frank to send management their demands or authorization cards.

Is Frank safe?

Frank is for workers only. No management allowed. But there are risks when organizing at work — no matter what security or features we put in place, it must be acknowledged that there is risk when organizing and, thus, when using Frank.

What kind of organization is Frank?

Frank is a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp. This means we are a for-profit with a legal charter and commitment to the following public benefit to: “Empower workers to have a voice in collection action to improve their workplace.” We hope to build a small, focused, and sustainable company that has one customer — the worker. Our backgrounds as a team are from the software and tech industry — this is what we know. We didn’t (don’t) have access or connections to large donors or foundations that typically provide grants or funding to operate as a nonprofit. But we do have background, network, and access to investors that fund tech/software companies — and we recognize our privilege in the ability to secure funding for a mission that most investors, frankly, wouldn’t touch.

Is Frank free?

We provide our software to unions, worker centers, and labor organizations for a subscription fee. Our pricing is available on our website and you can reach out to us here for a demo. We have no other sources of revenue streams (such as advertisements or selling data). We do not seek to access, share, or monetize worker data for any purpose other than operating our software for our partners.

Who are your backers / investors?

The early days of Frank were self-funded by the co-founders. In November ’19, we raised money from local (Chicago) tech and political tech investors on what is called a SAFE note (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). This means that if Frank raises more capital in the future, the funding would convert to equity ownership (a non-controlling stake).



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