By: Zeke Nierenberg

Frank exists to give workers a space to use your voice collectively, and when not heard, take action. We believe that effective workplace organizing depends on real identities in safe and private spaces. To that end, we’ve done extensive work to prevent managers and their agents from…

By: Alex Kirschner(contributor to Frank)
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The basic outline of this letter is as follows:

  • An outline of why pay transparency is so important for workers
  • A statement of why pay transparency could help this organization in particular
  • A set of demands to further the cause of pay…

By: Logan LaHive, co-founder at Frank

If you could change one thing about your workplace, what would it be?

Your company has endless tools at their disposal to manage you and understand the top issues in your workplace. One-on-ones, team meetings, town halls, surveys, and even surveillance tools to track…

By: Zeke Nierenberg

At Frank, we firmly believe that workers, not software companies, are the best decision-makers of all organizing efforts, especially when it comes to group admission and security. Since we launched our Beta product in April, we’ve been learning about how our approach to security was working for…

By: Noor Al-Sibai (contributor to Frank)

[Coworker name 1], an integral part of our team at [ABC Company], has been wrongfully terminated by management, who cited “editorial discretion” as their reasoning. …

By: Rosa Blumenfeld (contributor to Frank)

Operating principles:

  • We deserve to be respected and safe at work
  • Risk from COVID 19 is shared between owners, managers, and staff
  • We deserve the freedom to manage our time as we want to outside of work hours

Our values:

  • Safety
  • Opportunity
  • Success
  • Equality
  • Fair Pay
  • Shared…

By: Kim Kelly
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Kim Kelly is a labor columnist at Teen Vogue and freelance contributor to all manner of other publications. Third generation union thug. Writer on labor, politics, working class resistance, antifascism, heavy metal, death culture, history, nonfiction, and things that go bump in the night…

By: Samantha Demby (contributor to Frank)
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It’s time for [ABC company] to invest in a fair future by paying employees based on merit, regardless of racial or gender identity.

Our campaign

[ABC Company] is emerging as a leading innovator in the [online apparel market]. Increasingly, many of…

By: Joanna Fuertes (contributor to Frank)

In an era of #MeToo and BlackLivesMatter movements, we are experiencing seismic shifts in how workplaces tackle diversity and inclusion, often attempting to fix grievances when they arise rather than understand the root of them.

We’re calling on [ABC Company] (add your company…

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